In John's Words: Holiday Shopping List

It’s probably no surprise to learn what I give friends and family for the holidays… let’s just say that like it or not (and I hope they do~) I have turned all of them into major JW collectors over the years!

I thought it would be fun to share some of this year’s picks with you, and maybe give you some ideas along the way for the different personalities and styles on your list!

For Lynn, a classic with a twist type who has good pearls and loves a navy blazer with jeans, new Mother-of-pearl stretch bracelets—‘happy’, and hers and her son’s initials…

For Kim, a traveler who has visited 50 countries and 6 continents before age 40, our matching shell earrings and necklaceshe’ll put these on and be transported somewhere warm and exotic~

For Claudia, a New York art world type, these new paisley earrings with an 80’s vibe. A little quirky, but also very flattering. 

For Susan, always up for having a little fun with her accessories, our very fun Modern Femme Initial Necklace

For Barbara, who likes her jewelry delicate but special, this 3-strand gray opal cluster necklace, and matching pearl disco ball earrings.

For Caroline, Barbara’s equally understated but hip daughter, a look of real zodiac pendant.

For Jenni, the self-described Bling Queen, our matching sparkle earrings and cocktail ring set. I can just see her working it~

For Sally, my cousin who loves a statement necklace, this holiday crystal bib, with massed-out clear emerald-cut Lucite gems. It’s a stylish update to the more eclectic bibs of the last few seasons.


For Gavi, my darling niece, a ‘love’ necklace. I think she’ll find it fun, and when she wears it she’ll remember how much I love her!

The only people I can’t give John Wind jewelry to are my colleagues at work. That wouldn’t go over very well! So for them, I plan to get special decoupage pieces from John Derian.

For Robbin and Lauren, our company dog lovers, a custom portrait of Chloe and Duke from my friend Hannah Burch.

Happy shopping!



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