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Grand Hotels Collection

Sustainable, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs

The John Wind Grand Hotel Collection features authentic, hand-crafted jewelry designed around vintage crystals, sourced from the legendary Waldorf Astoria and Plaza Hotels in New York City. Inspired by Manhattan architecture and old Hollywood, the John Wind Grand Hotel Collection reclaims sophisticated materials and repurposes them into day-to-night statement jewelry.

Each piece is unique, full of timeless details that work together to form luxe modern accessories—perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.

New York's legendary Waldorf Astoria Hotel recently closed for major renovations, and over 15,000 lots were sold at auction~ 

The bidding was fierce, but John was determined, investing thousands of dollars to ultimately claim the chandelier from Suite 33H, an antique Chinese ginger jar, pillows, trims, even Playbills of historic Broadway shows that guests left behind...

These treasures have inspired our newest collection... At the Waldorf. Come take a trip with us!

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