Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet

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Our best-selling design, this bracelet was inspired by Grace Kelly in Rear Window. In it she wears a bold gold bracelet with one dramatic charm, and John set out to recreate the look. On this version he added a 20mm cotton pearl to make it that much more special!

The initial coins are hand-pressed in a New England jewelry factory that has been making them since the original heyday of sororities in the 1950’s, hence the name. John rediscovered them over ten years ago, and they have since become our signature design, featured on Oprah’s O List and worn by thousands of fans nation-wide.

Materials Include:

  • Oxidized sterling silver finished brass
  • Gold-Plated finished brass
  • 20mm Spun cotton dipped in pearl lacquer
  • Lobster claw closure
  • 8" bracelet

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    Customer Reviews

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    Cindy Montgomery

    The bracelet is beautiful and great quality. So glad I purchased it.

    Donna Greene
    Special to Me

    I purchased this bracelet in silver some years ago at the Union Square Market in NYC. Organizing my jewelry the other day, I came across this bracelet amongst my special pieces and said to myself, where did I get this? I’d like to have more! Then I noticed your John Wind tag on the bracelet. OMG And that’s when I found you again. So glad I did thank you!

    Mary Olson
    Perfect gift

    This is the third Joh Wind I have purchased. I will be gifting this to a person who has”everything” and know she will love it.

    Meaghan Dick
    Bonded with John Wind himself over this bracelet

    This spring I had the pleasure of meeting John Wind at Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey. He was selling his jewelry by the gift shop and I absolutely love jewelry and found myself drawn to his table. I was admiring the Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet when he asked if I was interested in anything and I mentioned this bracelet reminded me of a bracelet Grace Kelly wears if one of my favorite films Rear Window. I was drawn to it. He said without skipping a beat that the exact bracelet I just mentioned inspired him to create the Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet. To say our meeting was fate is a serious understatement. We connected and in my eyes share the same passion for fashion. I am now a proud owner of John Wind jewelry and look forward to being a lifelong customer. The best part of our meeting was when he told me his mother was a sculptor and one of her sculptures was at the grounds. That was extra special. Definitely recommend his jewelry and you should add to cart ASAP!

    Janine LaRosa
    Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet

    As soon as I saw this bracelet come across my facebook page I knew I had to have it. It reminded me of Grace Kelly's bracelet in Rear Window. So I went on the website, and amazingly the description even mentioned Grace Kelly. Well I got the bracelet, and I can attest that it is classy, timeless, and beautiful just like Grace Kelly. Love it!!