Our signature cotton ball pearls are really made out of cotton! It is real cotton that is then handspun into our beautiful pearls. While they are coated and lacquered, they are not meant for everyday wear~ and they do not like water, makeup, perfumes, or hairspray... Think of them as special occasion pieces.

We do offer cotton pearl replacements for a small fee! Email us for further instructions.


We pride ourselves on offering a lot of look for a very reasonable price. That, in addition to the plated metals and the wide range of materials used, means that the jewelry should be treated with care and not worn every day...tempting as it is! But by including our designs as part of your jewelry wardrobe, our pieces will last for many years. (Customers and friends regularly show off their ‘vintage’ pieces from the 80’s and 90’s, and they still look great)! Also, gentle aging and wear are a natural part of the process, and actually enhance the vintage look of the designs.


Jewelry should be stored in pouches or bags to keep the dust away. Silver-plated jewelry in particular should be stored in air-tight bags. If the silver tarnishes, use a dry 100% cotton cloth (and a little muscle) to wipe the piece clean.

Using silver polish, water, or polishing cloths can actually break the sealing coat and will ultimately cause the piece to tarnish more. Perfume, hairspray and lotions can also do harm. Also, showering with our jewelry will damage it as well since it is not fine gold. 

Make our jewelry the last thing you put on when you’re getting ready.