At the Plaza, Second Drop

We just had a blast filming a segment for a show about New York City (stay tuned for more about that!) and the focus was our Grand Hotel chandelier jewelry collection.  

The thing is, we’ve been running low on Plaza Hotel crystals, so I set out to find another vintage chandelier in record time. Luckily, when the Plaza was last renovated in 2005-2008, a lot of the old fixtures found their way to the antique markets, and 15 years later, there are still a few to be had.  

I was able to do a fun unboxing for the camera, and when the basket-style chandelier was revealed, it took my breath away! The crystals start out as large as on the previous basket design we’d purchased, but they taper to a much smaller size.  

I immediately envisioned some delicate new pieces-- especially earrings-- highlighting these baby gems. That is how this second drop began… I added some delicate butterflies as a feminine, pretty accent, and voila!  

You can see the entire Grand Hotels collection here.

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