Introducing the John Wind Shooting Stars Collection

In jewelry design (and in all art, for that matter), stars and moons are perpetually iconic. Stars represent good luck, purity and ambition. Crescent moons symbolize protection, transition and new beginnings. 

These are all very inspirational, but to me, there’s something more. Wearing stars is about owning your own fabulousness! 🤩 Moons hint at a love of the evening… cocktails… music… low lights…

It is with this blended inspiration that we are excited to release the Shooting Star Collection. Perfect for summer, the collection captures that stars and moon feeling. Our Moonlight Dusters feature segments of original 1970s chain that I discovered at one of our vintage close-out suppliers. And our Shoot for the Stars layered necklace creates the look of vintage charm chains that nest just right. 

So go ahead. Be a star. 💫

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  • Susan Shoaf

    You will always get compliments on JW JEWELRY.

  • Susan Shoaf

    I love all of your bee jewelry! Never been disappointed.

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