Petal Procession: Chic Looks for Artist Lindsay Bedford

Philadelphia is a city of murals, adding rich visuals to its many cultures. Local artist (and friend!), Lindsay Bedford, recently collaborated with Mural Arts, the amazing local nonprofit organization behind most of them, to create Petal Procession, an “underfoot” type of mural along South Philly’s Percy Street featuring giant rose petals printed on plastic. (Check out ABC 6’s coverage of the mural!)

For the project’s opening weekend, Lindsay asked me to work with her on a series of jewelry looks. Her aim was something chic, artistic and one-of-a-kind. 

Right up my alley. (Sorry. Worst pun ever.) 

The first look I designed for Lindsay had a pearly feel, featuring our Orchid duster earrings and an endless wrap bracelet. The second look was floral with a 90s Rainbow choker

Pics below! And follow Lindsay’s work on Instagram: @truthonthewind

Photo credit: Steve Weinik

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