Travel Made Simple~ Jewelry to bring on Vacation!

Summer is always a busy time with a lot of travel happening. Around the studio,we've heard a lot of talk about various weddings, trade shows, vacations and weekend getaways. 

It can be difficult to pack light and still look great... so I wanted to share some what I consider a 'must have' for traveling.



1. Something Convertible! This piece makes packing a breeze because it does the work of 3 necklaces! Your travel companions will never know it's the same necklace.

2. Pearl Earrings These easy, lightweight pearl earrings are the perfect thing to wear on travel day...they won't get in your way while you're navigating through airports.

3. Your Favorite Piece from Everyday If there is a piece you put on everyday- no matter where you are going- then it should definitely make it into your suitcase. It's the piece that you just know will make your outfit complete.

4. A Pop of Color! Adding color instantly modernizes a simple black dress or white blouse. And these feel extra summery too!

5. A Little Whimsy These pearls are classic- but fun all at the same time. And isn't having fun what vacation is all about?

6. Sparkle! Need to dress up? Add a little sparkle to an outfit you already have in your suitcase. It's way easier than packing another dress!