Behind the Designs: John's Inspiration for Seaside Treasures

We get asked all the time where John gets his ideas for a collection. So many of the collections you see are based on John's travels and his love of art, fashion, history and collecting. 

Below is a 'Behind the Design' look at John's inspiration for our new Seaside Treasures Collection

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From Top Right:

Seagull: Enjoying the view…

Stonington Post Office: Welcome to Stonington Maine!

John Sailing on The Reach

Landscape: At Acadia State Park–breathtaking!

Opera House: A little incongruous for a small town, but the Opera House is a year-round gem for Stonington and the surrounding towns~

Buoys: A great display of lobster fishing buoys…

Antiquing in Ellsworth: these guys cut quite a figure in the shop, but I don’t think I could live with them!

My favorite store! Nautical antiques and wonderful rope work by the artisan proprietor…

The wonders inside Marlinspike Chandlery

Relaxation: A nap on the hammock!

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