Top Gifts for Graduates!

Last week at our fall collection photo shoot one of our models was talking about her upcoming graduation from Penn State. She was bubbling with excitement over closing a chapter her life and looking to new adventures...finding a full time job, a city to settle in, and an apartment to call home.  

It made me nostalgic for that feeling of being on the cusp of something great! And then it promptly reminded me about all of the graduates I know~ and I set out to find gifts that could capture this unique moment in their lives.

Here are some of my favorite choices for Grad Gifts: (They all come in under $100~ that's a lot of bang for the buck!)

NEW! Set of 12 Initial RingsDream Charm Bracelet Set of SentimentsTop 12- Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet

Wish Charm Bracelet Set of Sentiments

1. Signet Rings have a retro collegiate feel that we just love. Go a little big on the size so it can be worn on the middle or pointer finger. Buy her initial, or buy the initial of the University she's graduating from or headed to in the fall! $38

2. Dare to Dream Stacked Bracelets will remind her to dream as she is setting out on her own. $58

3. A fan favorite, The Sorority Gal Bracelet is perfect for the girl planning to pledge in the fall. It is also classic, personal and fun to wear! $98

4. Make a Wish Stacked Bracelets, graduation is the perfect time to wish for something- and then make it happen! $58

5. Preppy Enamel Initial Necklaces have an uplifting sentiment engraved on each letter~ it's like a secret message you send her every time she wears one! (please note, this necklace is in the abstract style of a true monogram. we do not customize it with letters) $38

6. Because she'll need to be interview ready at all times, send her this Universal Monogram Necklace... it's a classic piece that is office appropriate! $58