Spring Fashion from The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Strong and powerful are the themes of spring 2015,” said Sharla Floyd, buyer and curator for Center City women’s boutique Atelier Rittenhouse. “We’ve had girly-girl, we’ve had punk. Now our customer is feeling confident.”

The pastel palette is also what makes this season’s clothing look really modern.

“The colorless neutrals and soft pastels make everything feel so new,” said Maureen Doron, owner of Skirt boutique in Bryn Mawr. “Grays are very cool. Cornflower blues are very cool. Every woman wants to be cool. Not edgy, just cool.” 

We love our arm candy stackable bracelets in hematite, pearl and turquoise mixed with the pastel coral & gray. What a modern way to wear pastels! 

A special thanks to The Philadelphia Inquirer and Elizabeth Wellington. Read the entire article here.

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