Custom Keepsake Boxes

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You’ve spent your whole life collecting bits and pieces--travels, experiences, memories, loved ones... They are meaningful and special to you, with stories behind each piece.

Now we have created a way for you to turn these keepsakes and treasures into art--one of a kind picture frames and keepsake boxes that tell your story.

A cork from a celebratory bottle of champagne; ribbon from a cherished gift; bits of sentimental jewelry; souvenirs from your travels; family photos, foreign coins, etc!


Small (2.5”x 2.5”x2) 

Large (7”x4.5”x2.5”)

Once you make your purchase, we will send you shipping label to send us 10-20 keepsakes you would like us to include in your new heirloom.

John will then lay out a suggested composition and we will send you a photograph for approval before everything is adhered.

Please be aware that to achieve a successful collage, some components may be cut, folded, glued, drilled or in other ways manipulated.

Only send items that you are willing to have John handle artistically in this way.  Also, not everything will necessarily be used, and we will return unused materials safely with your order.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for finished pieces.

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