How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for your Bridal Party

What do my gifts communicate to my bridal party?

The importance of selecting the perfect gift for each member of your bridal party cannot be overstated. These thoughtful tokens celebrate individuality, symbolize gratitude and affection, and serve as lasting reminders of the beauty of your wedding day. So, as you embark on this journey of love and unity, take
the time to choose gifts that are as unique and elegant as the individuals who will receive them. Beyond their material value, gifts for your bridal party serve as tangible expressions of your gratitude, affection and love.

How do I find the perfect gifts for my bridal party?

Your bridal party represents your innermost circle: the friends who have been walking life’s journey alongside you. And now it’s wedding planning time! You have devoted so much energy and emotion into planning every detail of your wedding day, and the gifts you select for your bridal party should reflect this same degree of care and consideration. Selecting gifts that are as unique as the loved ones who will receive them can be a daunting task, but we can help. Nothing expresses the magnitude of your feelings and appreciation like a special piece of jewelry, and we have the perfect designs guaranteed to express the depths of your affection, while rendering your recipients speechless with gratitude.

What are some bridesmaid gifts that add a uniquely personalized touch?

Look no further! Our mini custom charm bracelets allow you to create one-of-a-kind gifts for each member of the bridal party. These bracelets are the ideal personalized gift because you get to design it yourself! First, select the color of your chain bracelet. Then order nine charms from a wide variety of categories such as arts and culture, food and drink, sports and travel, and many more. There is even a charm designated for a special bridesmaid! By thoughtfully curating each charm, you underscore the significance of each person and her integral presence on your wedding day. Consider surprising your besties with a “charm-posal” like the one this lovely bride created for her maid and matron of honor. She also purchased a mini-charm bracelet for herself. The girls loved the bracelets, she wrote, and so did I!



Forget boxes filled socks and candles for your bridesmaid proposal! You want your bridal party to feel as excited as this bridesmaid who was so touched by the uniqueness of her mini custom charm bracelet that she took to Tik Tok to share her enthusiasm. 

@claudialijohnson Even if you arent a bride its the PERFECT gift idea @John Wind 🤍 #bridesmaids #bridesmaidproposal #bridesmaids #custom #charmbracelets #localbusiness #weddingtiktok #wedding #bride #fyp #viralvideo #fashionfavorites ♬ original sound - Claudia

Another popular choice assured to delight is our petite custom hoop earrings. These earrings make a whimsical yet touching token of appreciation that can be tailored to each member of the party while also giving you the option of selecting a charm that represents a common attribute of your group. Just like our custom charm bracelets, you’ll enjoy selecting specific charms that reflect the unique tastes of each member of the party. You can choose initials, birthstones, and meaningful symbols such as a peace sign, crescent moon or lucky elephant. The petite custom hoop earrings allow you to choose six charms per pair, and how you decide to customize each pair is up to you. No matter what you decide, you have a gift that will be treasured! Here is what one happy bride had to say about her order of our petite custom hoop earrings:

I just received the earrings and they are absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have asked for more. I researched so many different ideas when it came to asking my friends to be my bridesmaids. I wanted something I've never seen before and that would be unique to each of them so that they'd feel so special. I finally stumbled upon your store and I fell in love immediately! I am so happy and I am even more excited to gift them to my bridesmaids!

What are some unique pieces of jewelry for the bride?

No matter the style of your dress—from traditional to bohemian--our Grand Hotels Collection offers a wide array of possibilities to compliment and complete your aesthetic vision. Created with vintage crystals sourced from the Waldorf Astoria and Plaza Hotels in New York City, these pieces are truly special pairings of tradition and luxury. It’s romantic to imagine these crystals once sparkling over many a milestone throughout the years, and now refashioned into bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are destined to become cherished heirlooms you’ll wear for years to come. The crystal bauble earrings are a simple yet dazzling accessory that are sure to catch the light with their subtle movement and grace.



 Wearing a strapless dress? Go for a statement necklace like the At the Plaza Split Personality Necklace. One half of this exquisite piece is comprised of rare freshwater pearls and the other half is chandelier crystals hand-wrapped in gold or graphite wire. We also offer the At the Plaza Split Personality Bracelet. The Grand Hotel Collection ensures you will stun while also helping you work in the tradition of “something old, something new.”






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