The Enduring Legacy of a Mother’s Love

Mother’s Day is only a couple weeks away, and as excited as I am to share some of our new custom jewelry, I feel compelled to start this post acknowledging how this holiday can be bittersweet for those, like me, whose mothers have passed away. It’s been a decade since I lost my mother, Dina Wind, and I would like to take this moment to celebrate the legacy of this extraordinary woman whose love and influence are with me always

Dina Wind was a trailblazing metal sculptor. One of only a few women to enter the male-dominated field of industrial metal sculpture at the time, she welded found materials and discarded objects into magnificent sculptures.

It’s not difficult to see her influence on my passion for transforming found materials into reimagined objects of beauty. Her own words crystallize her vision and commitment to art and environmental sustainability:

'Artists can help save the environment by transforming and elevating society's discards, its junk, into a new aesthetic reality.'

In addition to a career that spanned over 30 years, Dina Wind was a nurturing matriarch who infused every aspect of our lives with beauty, warmth, and inspiration. She was a gifted artist, loving mother, and devoted wife. She effortlessly balanced the roles of creator and caretaker, and we continually inspired one another in life and art as you can see in this favorite video I made a few years ago that offers a window into our special relationship:


The memories of my mother are my most precious treasures, and I am able to keep her vision and legacy alive through the work we are doing at The Dina Wind Foundation. To learn more about how her dynamic life and art continue to empower and inspire artists, please visit The Dina Wind Foundation.

Thank you for indulging me this moment to honor my mother whose love and guidance remain among the greatest gifts of my life. May we find comfort in the bittersweet beauty of a day that reminds us of the enduring power of a mother's love.

How Do I Find a Special Gift for Mom?

We specialize in unique gifts here at John Wind, so if you are searching for a something worthy of Mom, perhaps we can help. Mothers deserve the world--so whether you are buying for your own mother, your mother-in-law, your partner, grandmother, honorary mother, or your daughter--allow me to introduce your new custom necklaces!

The Mini Custom Charm Necklace allows you to customize a necklace for Mom inspired by her life! Each of the nine charms, curated by you, reflects a personal trait, passion, or interest of mom from categories such as travel, art and culture, initials, zodiac and symbols. Mom feel as though you made this gift yourself!

The Mini Plus Custom Charm Necklace allows you to choose 15 charms. The result is a spectacular necklace that tells a personalized story about the woman wearing it. The sample photos show the individual charms with the specific interests of the recipient in mind. Every necklace, is unique--just like the woman who wears it!

Either custom charm necklace is guaranteed to surprise and delight Mom as she savors your thoughtful and reflective choices. Though there’s another option as well, and that’s to let her pick out her own charms (when mother knows best, lol)! We offer a gift graphic that you can print out, taking mom directly to the questionnaire.

Imagine her ongoing delight when she gets to tell the story of her Mother’s Day gift to every curious person who inquires—and inquire they will because these custom necklaces, like all of our custom jewelry, are destined to spark conversations!

And so, to my mother, and to all the mothers who have touched our lives with their love and their light, I offer my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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