John's Travels- Inside the Heart of Paris (REPOST!)

Our company president, Robbin, just embarked on a 2 week journey through the south of France and Paris with her family. She went to our resident travel expert, John, for his tips on must see spots in Paris. John dug out this blog for her and we thought you might need some travel inspiration as well! Enjoy :)

As many of you know, John has a passion for travel, flea marketing and soaking in the historical/modern juxtaposition of cities all over the world.

One of his best kept secrets are his city itineraries, and we are finally getting them out of his head and sharing them with you!


First Stop- the city of lights, a favorite of John's for its rich history, its impact on the fashion world and the endless inspiration it offers. Check out John's favorite stops... and stay tuned for the next issue!

1. Palais Royal -- Near the Louvre, this is a spectacular indoor/outdoor enclosed courtyard with the most beautiful garden, and eclectic shops, both old and new  Just go and walk around, dreaming about all the things that took place here over the past 300 years...

2. The Pompidou Center -- An 'inside-out' building from the 70's (all the pipes are on the surface of the building and brightly color coded), this is my favorite contemporary museum--and on the roof, a fun, modern restaurant called Georges, for either a pick-me-up coffee, drink, or lunch.

3. Muée D'Orsay -- A converted 19th century train station on the Left Bank, this is Paris's museum of impressionism, and in general 19th and early 20th century art. But it's the renovation which is so cool--very 'Modern/Vintage', totally my thing!  There is a coffee shop in the building where you sit literally behind a giant glass clock, and it's quite spectacular.  There's also a dining room in an over the top 19th century ballroom, and that is a great place for lunch.  

4. Rue Faubourg St. Honore -- Also on the Right bank, starting near the Louvre and heading west from there. A great stroll on a nice day--fab window shopping of all the world's great designer brands, plus some quirkly one of's. 3 favorite stops along the way:
    # 173--Astier de Villatte handmade home & giftwares, inspiring everyone from Anthropologie to John Derian to me! in a charmingly dilapidated old apothecary shop. 
    #213--Colette--the original 'Concept Store' curated with all the clothes and objects a chic Parisian hipster needs...
    #24--Hermes--Worth seeing for the utter beauty, luxury, craftsmanship... and to marvel at all the Asian tourists buying silk scarves!

5. There’s another, new Hermes shop on the left bank in a former swimming pool!

6. Fondation Cartier and 7. La Coupole -- a great double-header—Go to this gem-like small museum late morning, then have lunch at the famous Brasserie La Coupole—where struggling artists traded paintings for meals, and then turned out to become the greatest French artists of the 20th century! 

7.  Chez Andre Restaurant -- it's not the fanciest or best restaurant, but it is small and authentic and boisterous and chic in its own way.  Very traditional french food, but they have so many foreign visitors that there's an english menu and you will feel very comfortable.

8. Marche Aux Puces de Clingancourt -- Like a whole little antiques town, you can easily spend a whole day here. And you could fill a small jewelry case or an entire department store, there’s so much delicious merchandise of every conceivable vintage and variety! 

Do you have a favorite place to visit in Paris, or is there a city you're visiting soon that you'd like to get tips on? Let us Know!


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