What’s all the hype about the color of the year?

A question I am often asked is how do fashion designers always seem to arrive at a trend at the same time? Is there some secret meeting in Switzerland where they all agree on what's next?!  

The answer is a little less dramatic, but definitely has a behind-the-scenes aspect:  fabric mills, color forecasters, and other giant industrial resources make predictions based on their own research and intuition. Designers are paying attention and nobody wants to be left out. Eventually the whole world has a hankering for lace or leopard animal prints or Marsala (Pantone's 'Color of the Year' for 2015)!

I say be yourself. Wear what makes you happy, go with the trend if it suits you, buck it if it doesn't.  That's the secret to having your own Personal Style, something we believe in deeply at JW/MA! This season we're all about color~ but not just Marsala. We're loving fuchsia, tangerine, turquoise, celadon and ballet pinks!