Building the Perfect Charm Bracelet

Before we start, I have a confession to make--I have symmetrical tendencies. Meaning, my first instinct is always to put a pair of candlesticks on either side of a centerpiece; Pillows on both ends of a sofa; a large charm centered between two smaller ones. 

Usually I fight the urge and end up with a more ‘modern’ composition, and am glad I did it. But when it comes to a good old-fashioned, classic charm bracelet, I stick with my symmetrical nature and build from the center out.  It just works.

Let’s say we pick a bee for the centerpiece… Then I’ll pick two more large pieces halfway to the left and right (for balance, natch!).  In between, I’ll get a little wild and random, but with limits—a pop of color on both sides, a flash of sparkle, and a few ‘signatures’ like an initial, some good-luck charms, and of course a cottonball pearl. 

Sometimes it’s OK to be symmetrical, right? 

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  • John Wind

    PJ- thanks for the charm ideas!

  • PJ

    Love, love , love the chunkiness of your bracelets ~ have several and have worn out 2 :- )
    Hoping you might make a smallish puffed gold heard charm as well as some for summer like a starfish with bling, a seashell and maybe a flip flop w color! So hope 2 win a new bracelet XOXO

  • Fernella

    Love the revival of the charms. Like your creativty.