Visiting Israel

I flew to Israel a few weeks ago with my family. It was a combination family reunion and Celebration of Life for my mom, who passed away in the Fall. My parents were born and raised in Israel, so most of our family is there. (I was born in Jerusalem, but we moved to the US when I was 2 years old…) Every time I visit, I'm inspired by the rich history & culture. It's a unique mix of old and new...

1. And we’re off! Philadelphia-Tel Aviv, non stop on US Air.


2. First stop, Jerusalem. We discovered that lions are the symbol of the city, and they are everywhere—carved on walls, filling jewelry cases, even on manhole covers!


3. ‘AHAVA’ (LOVE) at the Israel Museum. Such a fitting artistic dream in such a conflicted place…


4. 'Put a bird on it’, Byzantine style!


5. The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Inherently dramatic but even moreso at night!


6. My 11 year old niece, Gavi, drew the seating chart at one of our family dinners. Something I used to do as a kid!


7. The Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem. A spectacular Modern/Vintage mix with local flavor.


8. Walking along the ramparts of the Old City Walls. A total immersion history lesson. Amazing!


9. At the Celebration of Life for mom, standing next to her sculpture ‘Thoroughbred’. The event was held at IDC Herzliya, a 20 year old university that my parents have been deeply involved with since the beginning.

10. My Great Uncle Sima, now 94, is a self-taught artist, and for decades has crafted simple sculptures like these from driftwood, rocks, and other natural elements. Art is everywhere!

11. Shabbat Shalom! Flowers, flowers everywhere~

12. The final day of our trip was also Dad’s birthday. We celebrated, and here he is with granddaughter Gavi at his side.

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