Art Meets Jewelry

Art Meets Jewelry.... As many of you may- or may not- know, in addition to my ‘day job’ designing jewelry, I also create art sculptures and collages. Generally, I don’t share much of my art with you, because the subject matter is so different. Even so, my art often inspires designs for Maximal Art, and vice versus. So this past month, I wanted to try and find a more relevant connection between my two worlds....

I participated in an artist residency in London (Back where my jewelry design career started 30 years ago), where I set out to create art using the language of jewelry-- and to make jewelry using the language of art. The result was a wonderful, inspiring and invigorating experience, and now I’m back home and ready to create new, innovative jewelry designs for you.

The Final Result: My final installation was a ‘flea market booth’ where I mixed art with commerce. It reminded me of setting up a trade show, or a trunk show in the stores our jewelry is sold in. I created everything ‘for sale’ in my booth much the way I design jewelry… by going to flea markets and collaging interesting pieces together.

Here are a few of the pieces that are inspiring my work at JW/MA the most:


This mannequin arm is holding two necklaces—a vintage rhinestone chain, and a chunky charm lariat that I assembled from flea market finds and my own family knick knacks. This is a sculpture, but I can also see it (or something similar) used as jewelry display. We all love our jewelry so much, why would we hide it just because we aren't wearing it? For more ideas on how to display jewelry, check out our Pinterest Board..

Souvenir Charm Bracelet: 

I went to a lab in London that does 3-D printing, and got myself scanned and printed!  The results became the centerpiece of this bracelet, which otherwise was a vintage find from the Bermondsey Market.  It’s taking our personalized charm bracelets one step further, and with the advances in 3-D printing technology, the day is not far when we can offer this to you! What do you think? Would you want a custom 3-D printed charm bracelet?

Bas Relief Necklace: 

This is another 3-D print, but in classical white—like a 21st Century cameo… I see a style like this in our line. I just know you'll love the mix of coral, tortoise and crystals with an oversized medallion!




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  • Lee Wind

    So fun! love seeing how your art is inspiring your jewelry! (And the idea of 3-D printing could be good for boyfriends and husbands and sisters and children…)