Behind the Clutch: Introducing JW Leather

The undisputed stars of our show in Atlanta last month were the new leather coin purses and clutches. You could feel the excitement as customers approached the booth and discovered a totally new product category from an old friend and favorite vendor!

But what’s the story behind them, we kept being asked. And as we were designing them over the last few months, our own question was always—how do we make bags that fit into the John Wind world? What makes them Modern Vintage? What makes them us? And what makes them the gotta have it gifts that you count on us for??

As always, I looked backwards to create something new. I have always been obsessed with the predominantly 19th century concept of the Chatelaine. Essentially it was a woman’s utility belt meant to free her hands, keep essentials close by, and make a statement (both fashion and status) in the process. A great upgrade from today’s fanny pack, that’s for sure…

The idea of a small coin purse on a clip started there, but we quickly saw that it made sense for the 21st century gal as well.  Accessories for your accessories happens to be a big, fun trend of our times, with purse charms and key chains being collected and clipped to bags of all sizes, to belts and belt loops, to each other, and to wherever your creativity leads you!

I also love the idea of a little bag devoted to one thing—your business cards; lipstick and a few makeup essentials; a phone; id and mad money, keys…. It’s very keepsake, and very precious. And it doesn’t even have to be something you carry around—put one on your dressing table, on your desk, in a private drawer… it’s truly a small personal luxury~

As for the clutches, here we were thinking a little more about fashion—about a night out with a billowy top, white jeans, and our clutch dangling off the wristlet  as you make your entrance! And the bags are big enough to hold all you need for a dinner date, a cocktail party, a meet and greet, Sunday at church, you name it…

The embellishments are the other strong link to our heritage and identity as an accessories brand—they are jewels for the bags—(come to think of it, more accessories for accessories!)  On the coin purses, the best sellers were initials, of course—Our big, fun Modern Femme letters with a hand-dyed silk or vegan leather tassel at its side…  

Other favorites were the pompom styles with modern sentiments (#glam and #mom stood out); iconic charms like horseshoes, Eiffel towers and scottie dogs; and boho chic ombre tassels. Shop the complete collection of coin purses here.

The clutches go in a little more opulent direction, with beautiful tassels made of leather and a collage of semi precious and resin stones… or artisan leather and jeweled bugs and a hand-dyed ombre silk scarf (very Euro-chic, inspired by the French ladies tying an Hermes scarf to the handle of their leather bag…) These items will be available to preorder soon! Think Mother's Day gifts!

So as a perfect gift or to polish off your outfit, enjoy! It’s time to start a new collection~


Happy styling,




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