John's Inspiration for a V-Day Collection

With it’s historic roots and always-relevant themes of love and friendship, Valentines Day is the perfect Modern Vintage holiday and one of everyone’s favorites!

Take a look at these special styles for the cherished Valentines in your life (mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, wives, grandmothers, aunts, grandchildren…) or for your own inner romantic~

And really, everything can be worn throughout the season and for years to come. Valentine’s Day just makes the perfect excuse for new little treat!

The Color

Ballet pink reminiscent of the palest English roses… It is soft but sophisticated, practically a neutral. It symbolizes love, femininity and tenderness—but also whimsy and fun.

The Sentiment

Love, of course. A word that refers both to our most special connection to others, and to the way we want to be in the world.  It is our dream and also our conviction~

You wear the word love because you want more of it for you, your family, your friends, and your planet. 

The Technique

Hammered metal—we made the prototype Key to Happiness necklace by hand-cutting shapes from a thick sheet of brass, then hammering the surface.  It feels modern, but also evokes a vintage artisan vibe, creative and one of a kind. (Plus, we added a secret sentiment, engraved on the backside-- Key to Happiness, it says—exactly what we all want!) 

The Metal

Rose gold is the pink of the jewelry world. It’s feminine and fresh, but it also has a very special meaning among the precious metals.  While yellow gold represents fidelity, and white gold friendship, rose gold represents love.How perfect is that?!

The trend(s)

Personalization! This is the trend of the decade, not just the season… But for Valentines day we’ve refreshed our best-selling Sorority Gal suite in rose gold, creating a new must have for every JW collector!

Pins! Not since the 1980’s have customers been so eager to add some pins to a denim jacket, sweater, or even a lacy blouse.  For our sentiment kilt pins I was inspired by secret admirer sentiments, a 19th century tradition of masking a sender’s identity by cutting and pasting letters from different sources. This time the message is to smile, be happy, radiate love, or simply say hello.  

Ease!  The best jewelry these days has a casual elegance and un-fussy ease. Throw it on and forget about it until the compliments start coming your way.

Whimsy! Nothing makes me happier than the idea of a customer wearing a necklace that says ‘Happy’, and then watching how others react!

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One of my favorite stories ever was the letter from a customer telling us that that her John Wind bracelet resulted in her meeting the man who is now her now husband!

She wore it out for a night out with her girlfriends, and a handsome guy complimented her on it as a way to strike up a conversation~ Well…. The rest is history!

Share your John Wind stories with us for a chance to win a Happy Necklace~



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