Trend: Brooches Make a Comeback

My very first jewelry designs during art school back in 1984 were brooches—big, bold, collaged brooches; double brooches; scattered brooches all over a lapel.  They were very ‘notice me’, very funky, and somehow felt just right! I wore them on the streets of London every day and night, and they literally became the foundation of Maximal Art. (Read more about our history).

In retrospect, along with shoulder pads and Madonna’s Like a Virgin layering, brooches became a hallmark of “80’s style”. 

Well, the 80’s are making a comeback, and guess what’s part of it? Yup. Brooches. Fashion editors have been saying so for a while, but now I’m starting to really feel it and see it myself.  We have some fabulous modern vintage brooches in the line this season, and for the Accessories Council’s ACE Awards gala last month, I was inspired to wear scatter pins on my lapel—the crescent moon from our line, mixed with some vintage pieces. I don’t think I’ve worn a pin in 25 years!


Last week the trend really came full circle when Gucci sent male models down the runway wearing double brooches. Wow. I really never expected to see that again! But it looks good and fresh. 

Beyond the runway, what I love most about brooches (then and now) is that they give the wearer a way to communicate something about themselves. It makes sense that this is why we keep going back to brooches as fashion trend. (And, also why they make such great gifts for fashion lovers). 

The Pineapple Brooch shown below is one style of my favorite styles for Fall. Pineapples symbolize warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. This makes it a great- and unique- gift for a hostess. 



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