John's Travels- Hamptons Summer Style

The Hamptons are a series of villages, each with their own character, history, and aura.  I am certainly not an expert, having only visited friends occasionally over the years.  But each time I am entranced, and want to share a brief impression of what makes the whole place so special and appealing--based on a recent Memorial Day weekend in East Hampton visiting my friends Joe and Eduardo...

I went by train which was an adventure in itself--3 trains and nearly 6 hours door to door from Philadelphia!

Once you're there, bikes are a very civilized way to get around (and to avoid the legendary traffic!)

East Hampton Yardsale is a perfectly curated and perfectly irresistible shopping stop!

It definitely put me in the mood for a holiday weekend…

Gardening is a passion in the Hamptons, and a bit of a competitive sport!

It's easy to forget that there is a gorgeous beach just minutes away. Went for a beautiful, quiet early morning walk one day…

As a beach town, there's lots of chic natural curiosities and nautical antiques. (Special mention must be made about Sag harbor, which was a huge 19th C. whaling town, and has loads of seafaring history and character!)

Decorating is another Hamptons specialty, and runs the gamut from city sophisticated to country house character to beach shack casual living. 

Speaking of decorating and gardening, my hosts informed me that this is Martha's block :-)

One of the other house guests pulled out her travel watercolors and captured the sunny afternoon view~

Our friend is a DJ and one night we went to hear her set and have a moderately wild night in Montauk!

On previous trips I checked out more of the art scene, and there are some absolute gems, including the studio where Jackson Pollock painted his famous drip paintings!   

So you can approach the Hamptons like a beach vacation, a weekend in the country, or an extension of New York's buzzy art and culture scene.  It's all there, it's beautiful, and it's the season--Enjoy!