Classic Pearls... With a 2017 Twist!


I learned about the allure of pearls from my mother, Dina. I watched how she proudly and beautifully wore the various pearl necklaces, earrings, pins, rings, and bracelets that she received over the years from her mom, in-laws and my dad. They communicated elegance and sophistication, heritage and ‘good taste’. She admired Jackie Kennedy’s iconic style (who didn’t?) and good pearls were part of the formula. 

Fast forward a few decades, and pearls still have that special aura and sense of tradition. But what’s changed is the way you wear them. It’s not just about dressing up any more. It’s about conveying personal style, having fun with fashion, creating unexpected mixes.  Doing it all with a knowing wink… and looking absolutely fabulous in the process! (Here’s a photo of Dina’s own evolution with pearls—from one of her art openings in the 1980’s~) 

At John Wind Modern Vintage, it was our cotton ball pearls that introduced many of you to our unique take on this timeless treasure.  This season we offer some new classics (and a whimsical surprise) to add to your collection!


Our baroque pearls (technically pearlized glass beads) have quickly become customer favorites for their fresh take on a classic. Unlike a strand of round pearls which values uniformity, baroque pearls have always celebrated individuality and uniqueness—Just how we want you to feel wearing them!

A NEW COLOR: This season we’ve updated the collection in a gorgeous new shade—platinum. Historically, since most pearls come in light shades of white and pink, silvery and dark-colored pearls are especially rare and valuable.  To set them off in a dramatic and fashion-forward way, I chose gunmetal findings to link each bead. It’s a cooler look compared to the warmer crème and gold strands we first introduced. It seems clear that everyone’s jewelry box will need both!


The crème baroque pearls beg to be layered and massed out!  I made a dramatic three-strand choker that could be something new for the bride, mother-of-the-bride, or anyone looking for a necklace that makes you stand straighter and take in the compliments! We love the matching bracelet, too—a wide, powerful cuff-full of pearls.  Note the magnetic clasps, new this season—easy to put on and extra secure with added safety catches…

For a more soignée, relaxed look, there’s new longer, layered necklaces—either all pearls, or pearls and chain. These pieces give you the trend without the hassle—because we do the layering work for you… And you just throw one of these on and instantly make your outfit… (Our model above– and company president Robbin Cook's daughter– is wearing both the choker and longer style together for a totally John Wind look!)

A quick note on a best-seller: Everyone still loves the lariat necklace! You can adjust the clasp to match your mood—close to the tassel for a more classic pendant look, or higher up the chain for a more fashion-forward, ‘Y necklace’ look. And if you already have it and love it, now you can get one in Platinum as well!



And now for the whimsical surprise! Over the years I’ve spotted oversized pearls like these at vintage shows and flea markets. At 1” diameter, they are deliciously faux and fun. But they’re still pearls, communicating classic elegance and beauty…

And so we have a deliciously unexpected juxtaposition! Imagine how great they would look with a tailored outfit, letting the world know that you don’t take yourself too seriously…

Or conversely, totally dressing up a casual look, sweater or denim top. Saying out loud—I may be out running errands, but yes--I am still fabulous! 

Happy styling~
John Wind




  • Sally Barron

    Dina and I could have been twins with those pearls. It was
    that period of time 50-60’s that it was the “vogue” thing to wear.
    “preppy’s” always wore a little signature strand of pearls.
    Good luck with your pearl collection.

  • Lee Wind

    Mom would have ROCKED platinum pearls! So neat to see your inspiration. Keep on creating beauty and joy,